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Cherry eLiquid

If you like sweet-tasting cherries, you will love the flavor of Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid. Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid is made in the USA.

Gravatational Cherry™ eLiquid

Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid works in all models of electronic cigarettes. As with all VapeSafe® eLiquids, Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid is made in the USA using organic, hypoallergenic, USP and food grade vegetable glycerin.

E-Liquid Legal Disclaimers:

Always keep VapeSafe® eLiquids away from children!

VapeSafe Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid is for Adults Only! You must be of legal age in your state to use our products! Absolutely no sales to minors!

Always be sure to allow the Gravitational Cherry™ eLiquid time to fully soak into the cartridge or cartomizer (cartridge with built in atomizer) before use. To stretch your dollar further, please note that these flavors are more concentrated than normal and can be diluted with small amounts of distilled water without compromising the flavor.

Mouthwatering Cherry Recipes:

Inviting Cherry Pralines, Caramels, and more:

Frostings are sweet often creamy glazes made from sugar with an added liquid such as water or milk, that is often enriched with ingredients such as butter, egg whites or vanilla flavorings and is used to cover or decorate baked goods, such as cakes or cookies. Pastry bags are then used to apply the frosting to cakes, pies, muffins or other baked goods. A high-quality reusable pastry bag is often made from tightly woven nylon, polyester, rubber or waterproofed cotton. Medium quality bags are similar, except they are not so tightly woven and may let some contents seep through the weave or the seams. After use, a reusable bag is washed by hand and hung open to dry. A high-quality bag may last for many years.

Preserved Cherries

The sour red cherries, or "Morellas," are the best for preserves. Never use sweet ones for this purpose. Stone them, preserving every drop of juice, then weigh the cherries, and for every pound take three-quarters of a pound of sugar. Set the sugar and juice of the cherries on to boil, also a handful of the cherry stones pounded and tied in a thin muslin bag. Let this boil about fifteen minutes. Skim off the scum that rises. Now put in the cherries, and boil until the syrup begins to thicken like jelly. Remove from the fire, fill in pint jars, and when cold, cover with brandied paper and screw on the cover tight.

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